Adelaide Trees and Gardens is a tree business that delivers good, old fashioned customer service. We are a very friendly and happy professional team. Many big companies talk about good customer service with a quality service, but at Adelaide Trees and Gardens its part of everything we stand for. We never rush a job. Every job is completed with personalized care, like we are working at our own homes with total respect for you and your property. We make every effort to be reliable and prompt, and go out of our way to identify customer needs and expectations. Our service ensures we maintain a great reputation; the team are friendly dedicated and fully trained tree professionals, who will work with you to ensure the job is completed safely, with minimal disturbance to your property.


If you are in need of a tree removal, our goal is to provide a very safe, efficient, superior service so Adelaide residents do not need to look any further! Adelaide Trees and Gardens Service offer complete tree removal / tree lopping services. Because tree removal can be very dangerous, it should only be undertaken by skilled specialists.

Tree Removal

No job is too big or too small for Adelaide Trees and Gardens. Where space is limited we have various climbing and rigging equipment to dismantle and remove the tree safely and efficiently. When it comes to tree and stump removal, you want a company with the experience, skill and commitment to get the job done professionally.

Stump Removal

Adelaide Trees and Gardens understand that tree stumps are a trip hazard and are unsightly. Tree stumps also attract white ants and cockroaches so it is important to get rid of them. We have many years experience in stump grinding and removal. Stump grinding involves the use of specialized equipment and is the most affordable method of removing tree stumps. We can remove stumps of any shape and size.

  • • Disclaimer: Adelaide Trees and Gardens ensures care is taken while stump grinding however takes no responsibility for underground services.

Garden Overhauls

By overhauling your garden we will add value to your property. We will correctly prune your trees and shrubs so they form correctly as they grow and then you set up with weed control solutions. Including laying mulch which gives you a low maintenance garden saving you time, water and money in the future.

Gutter Clearing

Even though they’re "out of sight and out of mind" for the majority of the time, your gutters actually play a huge role in the structural integrity of your house, and keeping them clean is a great way to avoid the potentially costly expense of gutter repairs.

  • Gutters have one job: to guide rainwater off your roof and straight down the drain. Despite their importance, though, it can be all too easy to forget about them until something goes wrong. If your gutters become clogged or broken, the results can be serious: not only could you end up with structural damage; the resulting damp can cause health issues for you and your family.
  • Whether you have cast iron, plastic, or pressed steel gutters, they need to be cleaned annually in order to keep them performing properly, and to avoid the need for gutter repairs in the future.
  • It's recommended that you get your gutters cleaned at least once a year. The best time to do this is at the beginning of winter, after the autumn leaves have fallen and before the really bad weather kicks in.

Palm Tree Pruning

There are different species of palm trees in Adelaide, palms that drop dead fronds and fruit and can be a potentially hazardous to people. They also cause a lot of mess with. Palm trees that retain dead fronds and fruit for some time can be quite ugly. We can climb any type of palm tree and remove dead fronds and fruit to leave the palm tree looking great and add value to your property.

Storm Damage

Adelaide Trees and Gardens can you help in the events of a storm, we have been called out on many occasions 24/7 to clear pathways of fallen trees and branches from houses, carports and gardens. These are the main reasons why it’s so important to maintain your trees and keep them healthy and safe for your family and your home. Dead trees are extremely dangerous and can cause a lot of damage and financial loss.

Green Waste Removal

We are dedicated to customer service so we will leave our customers property clean and tidy and take away all the green waste. At the customer’s request, we are more than happy to leave you firewood or as mulch, please let us know when we do your quote.


We can trim any hedge any size and shape. Hedge trimming - Hedge maintenance.

Mulch Supplies

Mulch is healthy for your garden, keeping moisture in, providing nutrients for your garden and slowing down weed growth. You can have mulch delivered to your property for you to distribute throughout your garden.

Canopy Lifting

Crown lifting or Tree Canopy Lifting is Raising the canopy on a landscape tree is a technique used for both practical as well as aesthetic purposes. Also sometimes referred to a limbing up, pruning away some of the lowest branches and limbs can allow more sunlight to plants below and improve traffic flow under and around the tree. It can improve views and visual balance in the landscape. Raising the canopy is also a method used to create a more manicured formal look to trees and even large shrubs. As a rule, raise the canopy on young and medium-aged trees as opposed to older one trees so you don't leave large, open wounds on large-diameter, older limbs.

Deadwood Removal

Tree are ever growing, ever changing organisms and when branches get replaced with newer ones the older ones die off and form as dead branches in the canopy of the tree. Over time, the natural process is that the tree shed these branches. If you utilize the space under the tree or the tree overhangs your house this can create a undesirable hazard. Pruning the tree to remove these dead branches is the best possible way to improve the safety to your property.

Tree Pruning

We prune to the Australian Tree Pruning Standards. Trees are a investment, adding to the value of your home. This means it is important to look after them and keep them looking great, ensuring long life and promoting good health for the tree. To reduce the need for tree pruning, it is best to consider a tree’s natural form. Pruning trees allows light and air to penetrate to lower branches, enhancing growth. We can also make your tree stronger, by eliminating dead, diseased, damaged and structural flaws, and will reduce the likelihood of damage during severe weather. Large trees can be carefully pruned to clear the vegetation away from your home.

  • FORMATIVE PRUNING. The purpose of this pruning is to prolong the life expectancy of the tree and to reduce any potential hazard. This type of pruning removes damaged or diseased branches. Formative pruning is the initial pruning of a young tree to develop a balanced shape with strong branches that will support heavy fruit crops. The aim is to develop an open, balanced network of strong, unshaded branches.

Weight Reduction And Canopy Reduction

Canopy reduction is most often used when your tree has grown too large for its permitted space. Over pruning of the trees to create the desired effect can initiate decay in the trunk or branches and stimulate rapid epicormic growth that fills in the canopy as it quickly grows to its original size The objective is to make cuts so that the foliage is left intact on the outer edge of the new, smaller canopy ideally, pruning cuts should not be evident when you stand back from the tree after pruning. Older and more mature trees with dense foliage often benefit from some weight and canopy reduction to maintain the long-term health of the tree. This is not only a great investment in the ongoing health and safety of your trees, it’s also a great way to let more sunlight into your property and improve the aesthetic shape and structure of your garden.

  • This is a more extensive and severe form of pruning and is used to:
  • 1. Reduce the weight of potentially dangerous limbs.
  • 2. Balance a misshapen tree, for example, following storm damage, or after bad pruning.
  • 3. Prevent trees obstructing or damaging buildings and property.
  • 4. Prevent trees from interfering with overhead telephone and power lines.

Garden Makeovers

By overhauling your garden we will add value to your property. We will correctly prune your trees and shrubs so they form correctly as they grow. We will also then you set up with weed control solutions. Including laying mulch, which gives you a low maintenance garden saving you time, water and money in the future.

Public Liability Insurance

We give our customers the confidence that the job will be done as efficiently and with the utmost safety as possible. Adelaide Trees and Gardens is covered with Public Liability Insurance to the value of 10 million dollars.


Truck And Chipper Hire

Adelaide Trees and Gardens has truck and chipper hire which comes with driver / operator for hire.

  • one 8 hour day $650 (Conditions Apply)



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